Architectural Drawings

Architectural DrawingsWhen it is time to either add on to your existing home or plan a new build from scratch, the process of creating drawings is critical to getting the results you want. While general contractors and home builders have expansive imaginations, no contractor is going to tackle a building project without architectural drawings.

The idea of getting architectural drawings done can seem intimidating, primarily because of the potential expense. But enlisting a professional architect can end up saving you a great deal of time and money in contractor costs. By creating drawings to guide your contractor, you lower the chance of mistakes being made or instructions misunderstood. Architects can also save you money by designing your project to include the latest in energy and cost-saving measures. Between cost savings on recycled building supplies and new styles or forms of buildings that reduce energy costs, the fee of an architect will pale in comparison to the money you will save.

Get Yourself Started

With a new build, it is always a good idea to purchase the land prior to deciding on the plan of your house. When you are planning an addition, it is critical that you take all of the elements of your property and the various zoning laws into effect. Once again, a professional architect is very familiar with these kinds of elements and can help you to create comprehensive drawings.

But there is no need to go to an architect right away. You can get your own architectural software and map out your ideas to help explain exactly what you want to your architect. The great thing about doing your own rough architectural drawings is that they do not need to be accurate in any way. You do not need dimensions, nor you do not need to worry about the right materials or take physics or weight-bearing considerations into account. When you take your drawings to a professional, then they can iron out those details for you. The important thing is to get your ideas on paper so that they are easier to convey.

Work With an Architect

Architectural drawings are the cornerstone of any construction project, but they are not nearly as complicated as you may think. While you may not understand some of the lingo on a blueprint, you can still determine dimensions and tell a bathroom from a living room.

When you decide on a professional architect for your project, make sure that the professional keeps you involved in the process. It is, after all, your money that drives the project and it will be your home when the project is over. Stay involved in the planning process and do not be afraid to ask questions or make suggestions.

Get a General Contractor Involved

It can be extremely frustrating to go through the process of getting professional architectural drawings and then find out that much of your project violates local zoning laws. Architects understand general building codes and very broad zoning laws, but the specifics of your local zoning laws may not be the forte of your architect.

That is why you must have your architectural drawings reviewed by a general contractor prior to committing to any project financing. The contractor will be able to review your documents and point out the portions of the project that must be altered to ensure it meets all local zoning ordinances. A mistake in this area can cost a tremendous amount of money, so don't fail to have the architectural drawings reviewed and updated by a general contractor.

Create Drawings for the Entire Project

Architectural drawings do not have to be limited to the building itself. If you want to ensure a perfect visual result for the entirety of your property, then you should also develop drawings for your landscaping and any associated work that will be done. For example, if you are getting a new driveway put in as well as a new home addition, then have architectural drawings created for the driveway.

Your architectural drawings are the physical representation of the ideas in your head. The only way that your contractor will know what you want specific areas of your home to look like is if you have detailed architectural drawings.

Any large remodeling or new build project requires a tremendous amount of planning. Good planning saves money and gets you optimal results. To create the architectural drawings that will be used as the basis of your next project, it is important to hire a professional architect and make sure that every aspect of your project has its own associated drawing to guide the contractor.